Monday, January 31, 2005

Books about EVP & ITC

January's featured books and articles about Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) research, history, ghost hunting skills and personal paranormal ADC experiences.

These two interesting paranormal phenomena are soon to be featured in the Michael Keaton movie "White Noise" coming out January 7th from Universal Pictures. If you are unfamiliar with the paranormal and want to learn more about this amazing phenomenon before or after seeing the movie, this is the place to Be! Vist my Journey into the Paranormal to see what I've learned so far.

If you are an experienced paranormal researcher, ghost hunter or just someone with your own EVP or ITC experience or perspective, post your comments, submit your articles and share your knowledge or editorial opinion with the world.

  • In these articles and books you will be presented with theories and various evidence that it is possible to communicate with the dead using common household electronic devices and the many arguments against such a possibility. Televisions, tape recorders, telephone message machines, digital voice recorders and digital cameras or MiniCams have all been used to receive ghostly messages seemingly from those in the afterlife, but skeptics say it's all a malfunction or human imagination and still others say it must be demons.
  • This collection is meant to simply present the evidence for and against, to believer and skeptic alike. You can decide from your own research what is true. Items are listed and archived by date with those published before 1999 being listed on Jan 1 of that year. Please share your comments on each title or submit your own articles.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Submit Your EVP, ITC and Paranormal Articles

Tired of finding the same old thing with search engines? Me too.

Now imagine a website...
all about Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Instrumental Transcommunication, Ghost Hunting and other related paranormal topics with the very latest information, fully searchable archives, available 24/7 to everyone everywhere and written by YOU!

Wouldn't that be cool?

  • Are you a paranormal expert with lot's of great advice?
  • Did you write a book, pamphlet, discussion post or article about that might be of interest to anyone studying supernatural events?
  • Need to report some hot paranormal news or a recent investigation or discovery?
  • Do you have a strong opinion about communicating with the dead or have you experienced this strange phenomenon first hand?
  • Can you visit a website or read a book and write a short report about it?

Then I need your help!
Submit your news, opinions or articles and help build the world's largest virtual library covering the history, study, research, investigation and interpretation of EVP and ITC on the planet. It's a bold endeavor, but working together we can make a simple to use tool for ghost hunters, serious researchers, hobbyists, the curious and skeptics alike that links to everything ghostly good out here on the Net.

What types of material is needed?

  • History and Theories of EVP / ITC
  • Book Excerpts
  • How to Guides
  • Ghost Hunting Skill Training
  • Equipment Usage
  • Research Reports
  • Scientific Papers
  • Opinions / Editorials
  • Expert Advice and Commentary
  • Theories and Explanations
  • Book Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Website Reviews
  • Product Recomendations
  • Information of all kinds!

What do you Get in Return?
If chosen for publication you will get unheard of recognition from around the world with your name as the author and all these super bonuses:

  • a short bio about you and your work
  • a link to your website
  • a link to and short description of your organization or group
  • plus a listing in our links page
  • the joyous satisfaction of being part of something great that will be valued by your peers for years to come.

Recognition, free traffic and joyous satisfaction, what more could you want?
Money you say? Unfortunately, I'm as poor as any other paranormal publication and am unable to pay for contributions at this time. While I do take advantage of a few affiliate programs and co-op advertising, I make about a nickel an hour running this big project and I'm only one man; no one is getting rich here!

Will you help me?
If this sounds like a project you would like to participate in, leave your comments or ideas below with a way to contact you, website address and the full text or a link to your article or contribution.

You can also submit articles or query your ideas via email at Just remember to remove the 'WHITENOISE' before sending it. I'm trying to avoid the evil spam spirits, but I want you to come through loud and clear!

Thanks in advance for your help.
I look forward to working with you to further mankind's understanding of this amazing phenomenon by creating the finest resource site there is. Glad to have you along.


Monday, December 27, 2004

Electronic Voice Phenomenon Is Real

PRESS RELEASE: Electronic Voice Phenomenon Is Real

“Electronic Voice Phenomenon has gained notoriety in the media recently with the release of Michael Keaton’s movie White Noise’”, states Dwayne Claud, Director of WNY Paranormal.

(PRWEB) December 27, 2004 -- “Electronic Voice Phenomenon has gained notoriety in the media recently with the release of Michael Keaton’s movie White Noise’”, states Dwayne Claud, Director of WNY Paranormal. Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the process through which researchers have been able to capture unexplainable voices or sounds on a recording device. According to Claud, “this isn’t fiction, recordings like this happen all the time – even locally.”

In the movie “White Noise”, Michael Keaton plays an architect whose life has been shattered by the unexplained disappearance and death of his wife. Keaton is contacted by a man who claims to be receiving messages from the dead wife through Electronic Voice Phenomenon, the process of recording a spirit’s voice. “Although the plot of the movie may be far fetched, the concept demonstrated in the movie of capturing unexplained voices on a recording device is not” states Claud.

The credit for discovering this phenomenon goes to Fredrick Jorgensen. Jorgensen was recording bird sounds in the Swedish countryside in 1959. It wasn’t until he played back his recording from that day that he heard the voice of a man discussing nocturnal bird songs in Norwegian. “It has since become a very important tool in the study of paranormal phenomenon, and is one of the most difficult forms of evidence to disprove” explains Claud.

The process by which someone can record an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is quite simple. It requires an audio recording device, preferably that uses a standard analog tape, an external microphone, headphones, and access to someplace where the investigator feels spirit activity may be present such as an older home or building, cemetery, or even a public historical site. It’s important to go with an open mind, and ask a series of questions pausing between each for a response. By using the external microphone you eliminate any motor noise from the recorder that you are using but still maintain the “white noise” generated by the tape itself. “You won’t hear anything while you’re recording at the location, but when you listen back in your headphones – you’ll be very surprised” expresses Claud. The voices that appear on the magnetic tape are often recorded well above or below the human hearing frequency – but are still in the recordable range.

“You won’t get something every time, so persistence is important” urges Claud. He records in ten minute segments and then listens to the recordings carefully through a set of headphone turned to a high, comfortable volume. He explains that it’s important to listen to the background for responses to the questions asked. Often times, it will be simple words that are spoken quickly or that sound strained - but sometimes they will sound like someone speaking directly into the microphone.

“Don’t expect long conversations. Often it’s simple answers to questions because it takes so much energy for these entities to verbalize a response” explains Claud. Many movies are based in reality and “White Noise” is one of those movies. To hear actual EVP’s and learn more about recording and the analysis of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) visit .