Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Instrumental Transcommunication

4th Internet Edition 2002
by Prof. Dr. Ernst Senkowski
Translated by Heidemarie Hallmann

From Back Cover:
Instrumental Transcommunication describes the multifariousness of the meaningful anomalies that have been documented in the course of the last four decades in about a dozen of countries. Extraordinary voices on magnetic tapes, sounding out of loudspeakers and telephones, computer texts, images on video tapes, tv screens, and monitors are suggestive of a continuance of life after death.

The contacts appeared as psychophysical mutual reactions, in which the not measurable psychic share has priority. According to the parapsychological theory we have to do with a telepathic take-over of information from what is beyond our space-time, and its psychokinetic realization. For a general description of the largely unconscious process recent theories developed in the research on consciousness can be drawn upon. Investigations by border sciences remained limited to painstaking inventory of the spontaneous phenomena and the evaluation of their results.

470 Pages
1st Edition 1989
3rd Edition 1995

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