Monday, January 06, 2003

Everyplace I Go is Haunted

by Richard L. Smith

In "Everyplace I go is Haunted", long time ghost hunter and founding member of the AA-EVP, Rich Smith discusses theory and history of the study and research of "Electronics Voice Phenomena" (EVP) and then he and Mary take you on wild journeys into the paranormal to experience some yourself. You will get "goose bumps" as you listen along with the free CD and hear the voices of spirits talking while they are on location !

Click to Join them and experience real ghost encounters!

  • An old World War II destroyer escort and submarine, ghost sailors follow Rich and flirt with Mary , use nautical terminology and make banging and clanging noises the whole time !
  • The Fish Group, (the demons of EVP!) Rich tangles with the dark side !
  • The Whispering Cowboy, A cowboy ghost takes a liking to Mary, follows them from a cemetery, and appears in their home!
Richly illustrated with drawings and photographs
Publisher: Richard L. Smith Click 2003

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